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Lightworker: From the Poisoned Air You Breath In, You Exhale It As Light and Love


Lightworker: From the Poisoned Air You Breath In, You Exhale It As Light and Love

Dear Lighworkers,

have you ever asked, why our life full of difficulties, full of obstacles, full of pain, experiencing unfairness, betrayal, etc.?
And if you succesfully went through such a painful and/or difficult phase of life, another difficulties entering your life?

But still, you are not loosing your kindly heart, warmhearted soul and your trust for humanity.
As if you had never experiencing all those painfulness experiences and keep holding your love and light in your heart and always willing to give it and spread it out.

It is as if you had to breath in such a “poisonous air”, which sometimes made you feel “i can’t take it anymore”…
But still, you have to breath in the poisonous, the painful air and breath it out, every seconds, every time.
You feel those poisons in every cell in your body, in your being. You feel the pain, the deception, the despair, the hurts, etc. within you.
You try to heal all the pain, all the hurts, within you…maybe days, weeks, months, years or decades.
But each time you breath out, each time you exhale, the air you bring out contain more healed air than before.
Because as you are trying to heal yourself from such pain, such hurts – within yourself – you are transmuting those lower, dark energies, lower vibrations into a higher vibrations.
During you are struggeling with the pain, the hurts, heartaches you experience,
you are purging and clearing those energies, and transmuting them with the Light within yourself.

And during all those times, you are never stop breathing in and breathing out.
If you are already healed from one painful experience, you exhale healed air, healing energy, into the air.
From the “poisoned air” you once breathed in, you transmuted it with the Light within you – and breath it out as a clear, light energy.
You send the Universe, you fill the air in our beloved Gaia with this transmuted Light and Love energy.

Many times, along our path as Light-worker, we have to facing the unconvenient, unfairness, pain, suffer, betrayal… again and again.
Our life paths were not and aren’t always easy, since we were still a child, sometimes all those experiences almost unbearable.
But this is the path we had been chosen before we came in this 3D Reality, before we incarnated in this lifetime on Earth.
Deep in our soul, we had already knew, that we would encounter such difficulties in these 3D densities, these lower vibrations.
And we are ready to transmuting these lower vibrations – unfairness, pain, betrayal deceive, hatred, anger, etc – into Light and Love.

Sending you all Light and Love

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