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Message for Twin Flames from The Arcturian Council


I’ve got this message came in through after a guided meditation with The Arcturian Council.

Dear Twin Flames,

we know that the twin flame path is not as such an easy journey.
It is a path of unconditional love, it is a realisation and manifestation of unconditional love here on Earth.

You all our dear ones, who choose this twin flame path already came in(to this incarnation) with this mission, to anchoring the unconditional love on Earth.

It is your ego, which often get you off from this path, bring you down on this journey and make you doubtful according your mission.

Your soul, my dear ones always know your destined destination, your soul know you will successfully accomplish your mission.
Because your soul is the unconditional love itself.

Hear and make your soul song as your wisely and best friend.
Because your soul is you in your divine purely essence.

The Arcturian Council


With Love and Light – kosmosindo


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