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Message from Source – The Channel of Unconditional Love


I received this message / Download in German on 26th June 2019. It is a message from God (Source). 

Dear Beloved,

my way to go is not always easy, sometimes someone’s cheating in you, sometimes someone lays the stones on your path,

Sometimes you cry bitterly, because you do not know how to continue or because it is too painful for your heart.

However, my Beloved, do not forget one thing, that we are always walking together and I am going along your ways.

It’s not always an answer, a solution for your Situation at this very moment, presented by me, presented by the universe.

Sometimes you have to go with me a little longer through a situation, through a difficult, labourious path.

Sometimes you think that I ask for more, than you could ever endure, you think so…

One thing you must not forget, I know you better as who you truly are, because you were created in my image, I am in you, You are in me.

My love is limitless, my possibilities are limitless, and sometimes I ask you for more than you think you have reached your limit, because I want you to break your “illusory border” and bring much more unconditional love into the world.

I know that you have a big heart, but I also know that you can stretch your heart even broader, your ability to forgive can grow further as well as your patience.

After all, you are my conduit, my channel for love, frequencies of love.

And the planets, especially Gaia, needs these Love-frequencies in order to keep her in balance.

As Gaia continues to rise… the more frequencies continue to rise either, so that more lower vibrations, lower energies have to be transmuted.

This is the reason why you often encounter and experience difficult situations in your life. Because every time you have worked through and working through a difficulty, the pain, the loss, the disappointment, you cleanse and release the lower vibrations, the heavy energies, and transmuting them into higher frequencies, frequencies of love.

This message is my reminder of your willingness to become the channel of unconditional love.

Love and Light, kosmosindo

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