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Message Twin Flames: Your Twin Flame is Your Soul Reflection

This message came through mostly for Divine Feminine, due some Divine Feminines “complaining” how the Divine Masculines behave towards them on this Twin Flame Journey.

Dear Divine Feminines,

Your Twin Flame is your Soul Reflection
They know you better than anybody else, eternally, since many many many many lifetimes.
They know what need to be healed in you, they know your deeper wounds even if you didn’t realize or try to make it up.
They know how to trigger you, so these wounds, your egos, your feeling of lack, all are coming to the surface in order so that you can heal them all.

Maybe you are often complaining, feeling anger, feeling abandon, through how they act towards you.
But they can’t do anything else instead what you have inside of you, in your vibration.
If you feel abandon, see it truthfully, who and when you felt for the first time this abandonment. Is it your mother or your father who abandoned you? Or another part of your family?

If you feel your Twin Flame rejected you, ghosting you. Who was the first person who rejected you in your life? Your mother or your father?
When you feel your Twin is selfish towards you. Who is selfish towards you in your life: your mother or your father?

Your Twin Flame love you so much eternally, so your Twin want you to heal, to deliberate you about those wounds. That’s why you feel deeply and highly triggered if it comes to your Twin.
Your Twin Flame is You, your Soul Reflection.

Archangel Michael and the angelic realms

  • Archangel Michael is the guardian angel and also the guardian for Twin Flames on their Twin Flames Journey

Love and Light

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