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Twin Flame Energy – Divine Feminine If You Feel Regret, Guilt…

Divine Feminine: If You Feel Regret, Guilt…

Dear Divine Feminines,

If you feel like regret, guilt “out of the blue”…you are picking up the energy of your Divine Counterpart (Divine Masculine/DM).
I have been feeling this since weekend. As Twin Flames, it is common that we pick up the energy of our Divine Counterpart.
Our energy-wheels or Chakras are connected “energetically” with our Twin. If they (DMs) going through the dark night of the soul, we can feel this too.

Dear DFs, we can transmute this regret, guilt energy. For example with meditation Ho’oponopono meditation and sending them Love and Light.
Take good care of your own energy, keep it as balance as possible. Meditation is a helpful tool to keep your energy in balance. Keep feeling good!

***Added message from Spirit: What the Divine Masculines are going through, they are doing it for the collective too. That means: helping Gaia for Her Ascenscion. The Twin Flame Journey is a Journey bridging the 3D and 5D. Have compassion for your Divine Counterpart. All is divinely orchestrated and divinely protected. – Spirit

Love and Light

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