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Karmic Energy and Twin Flame – An Important Dynamic to Remember What is Divine

Dear Twin Flames,

actually i wanted to write something else, but this is the message which came through. After (I myself) read this message, it’s clear that the Universe want that the DFs see the karmic situation from another point of view – the deeper meaning and beyond the 3D eyes – and through this way soothing the DFs on the TF Journey. I know how heavy this particular situation could be. The Universe never let you walk alone DFs. You are divinely supported and protected. I’ve already experienced the Divine support and interference myself.

On the Twin Flame Journey, Karmic energies are being part for Divine Feminine (DF) as well as Divine Masculine (DM).
At the very time this “karma/karmic energy” playing out – it is when the Divine Masculine rejected the Divine Feminine, neglected the Love that DM feels for the DF and choose individual(s) who is/are embodying this/these karmic energies – the Divine Feminine fall (again) in the dark night of the soul.
Without support from anyone in this 3D plane, DF had to endure those days and nights of the dark night of the soul.
In some cases “the scenario” are/were not just related to DM private relationship, but also in job/working situation.
Remember, everything is energy and “karmic” is in principal energy that take a form in physical in person or circumstances since the time of World War I & II, Atlantis, Lemuria even since the “Galactic Wars” Lyran, Orion, Maldek, and many others.

The Twin Flames (DMs and DFs) for sure live in this very modern day, in his or her 3D body (physical vessel). But their Soul is just the same Soul which already live since many many many lifetimes (Karma cycle = The World*).
Due to this Soul’s histories, the karmic circumstances playing out in this lifetime. Especially after we meet our Twin Flame, this “karmic energies” popping up in our live “seems out of the blue” as what we call the Twin Flame’s dynamic. Often we asked ourselves: why and how could be these individuals, circumstances enter my life and “seems to be messed up (Tower* Moment)” my life. And in some cases, how come what that DFs had been giving to the DMs didn’t return back to DFs, instead the DMs gave it to the “karmics”? (Remember: our 3D mind can/want only see what perceivable with the 3D eyes).

At the time as this dynamic happened, the DFs going through the dark night of the soul. Alone, feel abandoned, rejected, neglected, betrayed, the DFs have no other choice instead going inward, diving deep into her Soul. (Hermit* Mode).
In this phase of going inward (Hermit mode, even felt like death inside), the DFs have no other choice instead examine this life from a new perspective, spiritual perspective and have to build a new foundation for themselves – financially, emotionally, mentally, physically, belief systems, vibrationally.
She takes a review of the life so far, the environment (family, friends, etc). and have to learn to take good care of herself, loving herself, healing herself (inner child), healing from co-dependency issues, balancing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies and perceiving the life from a new perspective.

In this phase of life’s rejuvenating, the DFs actually build a new template, the 5D template in this modern life based on Unconditional Love, the New Earth (The Judgement*).
The DFs re-find and re-member their multidimensional Soul, the non-physical Power – The Divine in their innate being (themselves). And that they are part of the Universe and that the Universe always has their back and live within their Soul.

*Arcana Tarot card

Light and Love

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