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Twin Flame Energy Update

pixabay - peter_pyw

Divine Masculine is going through a positive transformation.

Dear Divine Feminines,

I saw a picture of a stag standing in a forest. His antlers shine brightly in rainbow colours and build a connection with above (spiritual realm). If you have sleepless nights, or have no appetite, if you feel as if you’re going through dark night of the Soul, or an old theme or topic that bothered you coming up again into the surface…you are picking up the DM’s energies. Whatever the energies are, just accept them as what they are. They come to the surface to be recognized, to be transmuted and to be healed. Through meditation, focusing on positive things, remebering the good things in our live, we are shifting the energies. We shifted the low vibrational energies into the higher vibrational energies. That is our light work.

Love and Light

Pic source : pixabay

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