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Twin Flame – DM’s Changing from The Old into The New

Dear Twin Flames,

I hope you are doing well, even though perhaps the energies on these Christmas days are “not in a party mood”:-)
If the energies felt or feel not comfortable, it is okay. There is always a reason for that. I did delay posting this message until today, because the energies I was picking up on were dense. But always remember the energies of Love (Light) always forcing the dense energies to release.

On Christmas Eve, the Universe showed me a video “fight between two moose”. And they were captured during fighting in a residential area. The first sense through seeing the battle of the moose was: there is a lot happening in the Divine Masculines life.
This is happening because their inner life is changing. They are going through a (spiritual) transformation.

Transformation is a change, a metamorphosis. The change begins first within: their inner life is changing, their perception of life is changing.
The old way of living their life is not convenience anymore. Their old Standards (Belief System), what they thought were important for them, now are not important anymore, they bring no satisfaction anymore. But to step into the new way of life brings fears, anxiety, doubt, anger and many kinds of “uncomfortable” emotions. This is what we know as the “dark night of the Soul.”

The battle between two moose is the metaphor of the battle of the Egos. The fight between the old distorted Masculine, the unbalanced Divine Masculine energies and the new consciousness within them, the awakened Divine Masculine.

The message of the Moose as spirit animal: focuses on seeking the truth and finding the guidance within you.
One common meaning points to self-esteem and how this helps them to conquer fears and gives them confidence to achieve their goals.

Like a metamorphosis, the transformation happens in stages. So Divine Feminines, have compassion and keep your Strength within, Love and Light, during the Divine Masculines going through this transformation.

Sending you Love and Light

Picture : Pixabay

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