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Twin Flame – Use Your Discernment

Dear Twin Flames,

on this Twin Flame’s Journey it is okay to listen to readings or messages in the Twin Flame community. – Spirit added: “As long as it helps to supporting your goal.” – The most important thing is please use your discernment = Intuition. Not every time a reader has his/her high vibrational day. As Twin Flames we know that there are days, in which we feel the energies are really heavy because we integrate them and/or we are going through some (DNA/light body) Activation. The more you meditate regularly, the more you have the ability to feel or read people’s energy / energies. When after watching/hearing a reading you feel happy, delightful, feeling sure, optimistic, that means the reader/messenger is in her/his high vibrational state. When after watching/hearing a reading you feel “down”, sad, doubt, anger, anxious, that means you were picking up on the low vibrational energy.

High vibrational energy always feel light, good and joyful and bring peace to your heart.

Also please use your discernment = intuition who you listen to.

Love and Light


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