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Twin Flame – There Is Something To Do

Dear Twin Flames,

the first message download came through actually at 4 am:-) Since months my sleep pattern is out of schedule. Actually I used to the sleep patterns changing since my Awakening Process started in 2012 (due the Kundalini began to awaken). Even though the last few months, it’s almost like insomnia. Maybe some of you experience this as well. Dont’t worry, that’s the part of Twin Flame’s Journey:-)

So dear Twin Flames, here is the message Spirit want you to know:

“If at this moment you are physically apart from your Twin Flame (Divine Counterpart) there is something for you to do, which is better at this moment for you and your highest good, to do this alone and not together (in 3D) with your Divine Counterpart. Whether it is your inner child healing, clearing your bloodline ancestral lineage (which have given to you by your ancestors through your DNA, in order for you in this lifetime to transmute and healing it), doing your soul purpose/mission, balancing out your own karma (from this and your past lifes), or building your career/ business in alignment with your Soul (higher self) … You know what kind of situation you are at now, Spirit said.

Always trust, the Universe has always the best reason in arranging and orchestrating the current situation. The “illusion of separation” is not a curse and there is no separation. What actually means is there is a perception of separation in 3D. You can shift this perception by shifting your consciousness. It’s just a phase of healing, balancing out and letting go what do not serve you anymore. Can you feeling secure in doing what you need to do by knowing your Twin Flame (Divine Counterpart) always with you in 5D?”

Love and Light


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