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Twin Flame – What Does It Mean by Letting Go

Dear Twin Flames,

Spirit want you to know what letting go is.

The good news is, you don’t have to let go your desire to unite with your Twin Flame nor to let go your Twin Flame.
What you should let go is your expectation about how, when, where the Union would be taking place.
You have to let go of the way you try controlling your Twin Flame’s journey.
You have to let go of the need to know when your Twin Flame contacting you in 3D, when you can meet your Twin Flame again in 3D, you have to let go of trying to control your Twin Flame’s through checking his/her profile on social media:-)
Spirit said: you probably want to say, that is not a form of controlling, but the Universe see everything in your body, mind and soul and your vibration.
The more you can let go your expectations and your need to control, the more your Twin Flame Higher Self can contact and connect with you in the 5D.
And if you get contact and connecting with your Twin Flame’s Higher Soul in 5D, you don’t have the need to “control” your Twin Flame in 3D.
Your Twin Flame’s Higher Soul will tell you all of his/her feeling, energy, words you need to know.

As you meet your Twin Flame for the first time, you didn’t have any expectation or need to control how, when, where you’ll meet him/her, weren’t you?
The Universe had arranged and orchestrated your meeting perfectly beautifully magical.

*What I mean in 5D is through your dreams.

Love and Light

*I’ve just realized that I wrote Higher Soul instead Higher Self. I let the download (message) that came through just as what it is.

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