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Twin Flame Message – What Makes A Divine Counterpart Becomes The Chaser

Dear Twin Flames,

this message came through last night and it is about “running and chasing,” but specifically Archangel Michael and The Arcturians want to address this message to what in 3D so called the “chaser”. So dear Divine Feminines, this message is for you.

“Have you ever go within to get the answer, why you have the tendency to chase your Divine Counterpart? It is not just from energetically bond between you and your Divine Masculine, but there is also factor from your past experiences – being left behind by your “masculine” – during that past lifetimes. It related to your lifetimes as you had to survive for a living without your “masculine”, because “the masculine” had to go to the battle front.

You had been waiting for him to come back, you missed him so much, but he never came back. At those times, the communication devices and facilities were quite much different than nowadays. There was no chance even to know whether your partner still alive or not… until you yourself back then, passed away. Even though your feeling of insecurity, the lost, sorrow, sadness, the void, anxiety, even your anger didn’t dissappear. In other words, with each of your incarnation on Earth, you try to heal and purge all those dense feelings you had experienced.

In this lifetime, as you and your Twin Flame incarnate and meet each other, all the rest of these not yet transmuted feelings coming up to the surface, in order for you to heal what you need to heal, to purge what you need to purge, to transmute what you need to transmute. Your Soul know this so profoundly.

That’s why you feel the fear of loosing your Divine Masculine immensely, so that you feel the need to chase your Twin Flame and feel likes you never letting him or her go again. Your Divine Masculine never leave you, dear Ones, regardless the 3D situation, circumstances you are facing. Both of you had already prescripted those situation, circumstances in this lifetime, which would be triggered you in order to heal, to purge and to transmute the feelings you had been experiencing. Those dense energies have to be released as Gaia raises her frequency and elevating into the higher dimensions. You and your Twin Flame had already agreed to take this task, together, in order to raise your vibrations. When you yourself successfully raise your vibration, it automatically has the impact to the collective.

Feel secure in your being, your Twin Flame is You. He/She is always within you.”

Archangel Michael and The Arcturians

*kosmosindo note: I hope this message help you for deeper understanding on your Twin Flame’s Journey, that what our senses can see, hear or understand is just a piece of puzzle from the whole Story in our many many lifetimes. And if we have more understanding, it will be easier to have more compassion for our Divine Counterpart, and keeping our unconditional love for him/her in our heart.

Sending you all Love and Light

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