Allgemein Spiritual

Sometimes On The Twin Flame’s Journey

Dear Twin Flames,

Sometimes on the Twin Flame’s Journey there is phase in which we are questioning our Twin Flame’s path = the path of our Soul. Often it happens when something (circumstances, situation) outside of ourselves, has an impact to our Inner- wellbeing. In other words, something from the outside – which is out of our control – has made us out of balance..

We can’t control what is outside from us. But we can control what is inside of us, what is within us – the Alignment of our body, mind and Soul with Source Energy /God /Universe. The only thing we can control and we have the responsibility to take control of it – is our harmonious connection with our Inner Being or our Higher Self. Because our Higher Self is always in Alignment with Source Energy.

We can more aware, that the imbalance within ourselves often “triggered” by outer circumstances, from outside. And the way to bring back ourselves into balance is take one or two steps back, go within and relax.

Meditation, yoga, take a walk in the nature or even sleep more, help to bring our body, mind and soul to relax. And in this relax state, it is easier to get an Impuls from within to do something. It could be to ask for help/advice from other(s) or writing a journal or even make trip or anything else, to bringing back the balance within ourselves. In the balance state, in the state that our connection with our Inner Being/Higher Self restored, we are back in Alignment with Source Energy /God/Universe. Just as we reach this point, all the doubts, all the questioning, automatically disappear.

Thus we can continue walking along the Twin Flame’s Journey and doing our daily life more relax, more conscious, and we are more evolve within and on this Twin Flame’s Journey.

Light and Love

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