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Message for Twin Flames – The Red String

Dear Twin Flames,

Spirit actually have been summoning this message several times… and up to now I always delayed it to write it down.
I hope you already knew or heard about the story of the red string between two person who destined to be together in this lifetime. (If not yet, you can read the story in the link below this message).
So here is the message:

“There is a bond (non-visibly) red string between you and your Divine Counterpart.
This red string is made of love, Divine Love, the promise that bonding you and your Divine Counterpart, made in Heaven.
This string, which guides you and your Divine Counterpart embark on this journey. And the Universe watch over this bonding = this red string.
Do you know why you always see or get Synchronicities, whether they are numbers sync, or name, or symbols or anything that remind you on your Divine Conterpart?
That is the “Message” from the Universe so that you remember at this red string, this bond.

Nevertheless, you also have your role to keep this bond alive, regardless you can’t see it with your 3D eyes and regardless the 3D situations and circumstances are.
The guardiance of this string, this bond…is within you, it is your heart, your Soul. Your Divine Counterpart holds the other side of this string and you hold the other side of this string too.
If you give up in holding on this other side of this string = you give up hope in loving your Divine Counterpart, this red string which is bonding you together, which guides you along this journey will dissapear, and you’ll never know the whole of your own Divine Love Story of this red string.”

The link of the Story

Love and Light

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