Allgemein Bumi Baru channeling Spiritual

Message for Twin Flames – The Twin Flames Journey

Channeled by Dyan Kostermans (kosmosindo)

Dear Twin Flames,

here is the message from Spirit:

The Twin Flames Journey is a journey, a trip. The destined destination is Union…really?
The “time” when you encountered your Twin / Divine Counterpart in 3D, you are already in Union.
And then you and your Divine Counterpart take on this Twin Flames Journey.

Like every trip there is a distance, there is a road that must be traveled.
Sometimes or often, you are so eager to reach the destination immediately. And you forget to enjoy the trip itself, what you can encounter, see, learn and heal along the way.
If you can more aware that this is a trip, a journey, it is much more easier for you to enjoying your life along this journey.
Be curious like a child, they don’t care whether the trip is long or short. They enjoy every moment. When they are tired they sleep, if they are hungry they eat.

And like other journey, like other trip, the Twin Flames journey are often not as you imagine or planned.
And many of you forget that your Divine Counterpart/Twin Flame are with(in) you along this journey.

Light and Love

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