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Twin Flame – What Are The Runners Running From

Dear Twin Flames,

last week I got a clear message from the Twin Flame Runner (Divine Masculine) :

I don’t know how to trust the one I love; I don’t know if I can trust the one I love

As a child, the early childhood from 0 -7 years is the bonding foundation which forms your relationship in your entire life.
The child learned this bonding, this relationship template, through the emotional bonding with their parents.
But there are children which are now adults, which in their childhood had experienced “emergency abusive situations”, with their own mother or father.
Just imagine, a 3 or 4 years old girl or boy…and there is an adult woman or man who bash, spank, slap, shout, gaslight this child. This person with her/his actions surely frightening this small child.
A normal healthy adult probably will instantly fight back, hit back or run away as fast as possible from this woman or man, or go straight away to a police station and report this abusive case.
But this child could not do that. She/he has to stay with this mother/father and experience such abusive situations again and again and again and again…as long as she/he lives with the narcissistic personality disorder mother/father.

The terrors, the abuses, the angst, the fears coming from the very important person in their first years of life, which from her/him these children actually suppose to learn and get their Love, Security and Trust.
For many people is hardly to imagine, that there are mothers/fathers who don’t give their own children support, protection and love that these small children needed.
These children experienced physically abuses (domestic violence), mentally abuses, emotionally abuses, since very young age.
They never knew what love really means, they never knew what a healthy life really means. They never been taught how to setting boundaries and protect themselves because their own mother/father always crossed these boundaries. They never knew how to trust, when their own mother or father abused them.
How could or how can they trust that love is love, when they in their 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years old had already learned, that the person who they trust and love… abused them?
It makes them fear and scary of being emotionally near with the one they love…
They associated Love with always “have to” pleasing another people, even this person or these person the abusive one(s).
They just knew love with condition, if they didn’t meet the conditional love that their mother/father required, they would be slap, spank, bash, gaslight, punish!
Instead learning how to build a healthy bond in a relationship, these children had learned and had been taught the toxic relationship from the very beginning of their life.

As this child grew up as adult, now at this very moment, he/she is your Twin Flame/Divine Counterpart.
He/She hasn’t recover yet from the toxic abusive situation from their childhood or even hadn’t been realized that she/he grew up in a toxic environment and the impact of it for his/her own personality and life.
They are still in a condition of Self Love Deficit Disorder (Ross Rosenberg) through grew up with a pathological narcisstic mother/father.
And maybe you yourself have/had been experiencing such a toxic situation and find yourself in this Twin Flame’s Journey and Connection.
It is time to heal your inner child wounds, to recover from your codependency = Self-Love Deficit Disorder (Ross Rosenberg) and gain your Self-Love Abundance (Ross Rosenberg).

When one Twin / Divine Counterpart healed from his/her Self Love Deficit Disorder, healing his/her inner child wounds and traumas, gain and refill his/her Self-Love Abundance, it is easier to understand the Twin Flame’s Relationship Dynamic as wel as the karmic/toxic energy.
And automatically, your Twin Flame Connection becomes more harmonious and peaceful and fill with unconditional love.

If you didn’t know what self-love deficit is, you’ll never know what self-love abundance is.
If you didn’t know what conditional love is, you’ll never know what unconditional love truly is. Love yourself unconditionally.
Your Twin Flame is You, the mirror of your Soul.

And the message from Spirit and the Universe:

Although sometimes you still feel “the scars” when something triggers your inner wounds or traumas, know that you have gained a lot in rebuilding your Self-Love without any foundation. And know that we always at your side and help you rebuild your Self-Love foundation, as well as the new template of unconditional Love. We love you so much, unconditionally. Remember our message about The Red String, the non-visibly bond between you and your Divine Counterpart.”

Sending you so much love and light

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