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Divine Feminine – Becoming Aware of The Triggers

Message from Spirit:

“Dear Divine Feminines, be aware, be conscious, and remember the energies that trigger you at this current time, which make you angry, sad, doubtful, etc. are lower vibrational energies that you need to transmute and release.
It is important for you to keep your energy vibrations high, because your high vibrational energies are needed to help and support Divine Masculine (your Divine Counterpart) going through his/her Awakening process.
Remember, your Twin Flame/Divine Counterpart is YOU.”

Note from kosmosindo: The energies I am picking up on since the last two months are still releasing, cutting out all that are no longer serve you=your Twin Flame. If you feel highly triggered of something/situations/people, that makes you feel anger, cannot tolerate anymore and set your boundaries, these are the current Divine Masculine (DM) energies. The DMs are awaken, they now can see the light which they couldn’t see before.

Love and Light

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