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Stand in Your Light – Message From Kuan Yin

Dear Twin Flames, Starseeds and Lightworkers,

in this crucial time of Gaia’s Ascension, the light penetrates the darkness faster, stronger and brighter.
All lightworkers, star seeds and twin flames carry these sparks of light within – The Threefold Flame in our hearts. – It is our purpose to incarnate together in this very lifetime to enlighten the consciousness that was previously hidden under the dark.
As the spark begins to take form into a bright shining flame, we are facing more challenges – more interference energies or dark energies – that are trying to dim our light. Remember, such energies could take form through situation and/ or people, even your loved ones, if at that time he/she was in the low vibrational state. And for Twin Flames, it could be through your Divine Counterpart. So stay strong, dear lightworkers, star seeds and twin flames, let your light shine brightly. Since it is Divine Light, the Divine Love for you, humanity and Gaia.

Since I was aware that I’m faced with low vibration energies interference, I asked Kuan Yin for answer and guidance (from the Alana Fairchild Kuan Yin Oracle). Here is the answer of the Goddess of Compassion:


Mother Fierce is your Guardian. Nothing can penetrate the passionate fire of her fearless love. Your safety is assured, beloved. in the midst of any apparent challenge or threat, no matter how frightening it may seem, and no matter how insecure you might feel about taking a step on your spiritual path into more power, know that you are safe, you are protected, you are loved.


Take me into your heart beloved Kuan Yin, fierce with love, where the pure fire of Peace burns eternally, may I be blessed with peace and protection now and always, may I feel the loving protection of your Consciousness within my own heart. Om Shanti, beloved. Om Mani Padme Hum.

Love and Light

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