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Twin Flames – Message from Mother Gaia

Dear Twin Flames,

Here is a channeled message from Mother Gaia:

“Dear Twin Flames,

I know that in the past few weeks everything has become more challenging, difficult and heavier.
Many of you either lost your passion for the Twin Flame’s mission, forget your purpose in the Twin Flames mission or just want to give up.
Do you forget that you wanted and want to fulfill the Twin Flames mission for me, Gaia? Do you forget that you came here exactly to ascend together with me at this very moment? Yet, at this very moment you lost your passion for your mission, your patience and unconditional love for your Divine Counterpart?
At this very moment where the clearing’s process have already shown the first impact? Don’t you see that the water become clearer, you can hear the birds more often, the grass are greener and smell nicer? I am there, dear Twin Flames, I am Gaia in every breath of the nature you see, touch, smell, hear and meet as you do a fresh air walk during this quarantine time.

Just at the time the nature get the passion back, you lost your passion just as your hard work starts to show their first buds?

Dear Twin Flames, I want to see your smile, I want to feel your passion, your excitement like the first time as you answered my call for this mission, I want to feel your unconditional love for your Divine Counterpart and for me, Gaia.”

With so much love and Gratitude

love and light

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