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Twin Flame – Beyond The Illusion

Dear Twin Flames,

since this card Immortal Treasures (Kuan Yin Oracle – Alana Fairchild) always popping out every time I asked for a guidance for the Twin Flame’s connection, I got the insight: Nothing, really nothing changed, is changing and could change your Soul connection with your Divine Counterpart. That is only Love between you and your Twin Flame = between You and Your Soul’s mirror.

The obstacles, what seems like obstacles are all illusion, all what not Love, all what not in alignment with your Divine Soul, with your Divine Connection with Source (SourceEnergy/Universe/God), which is Love itself.

The purpose we incarnate in this very lifetime is to peel off, to purge all what is not love, all what is not in alignment with Source, all what actually illusion are, but through our upbringing, our society mindest, our societal, educational, economical way of thinking, perceive as common condition, as reality.

Twin Flames experience the relationship with her/his Divine counterpart in very different ways than what we until that time know as common conditions, twin flames have had to change the way they perceive the relationship since the very beginning of their Twin Flame’s Journey. The telepathy, the knowing (could see and feel) what is unseen through the physical eyes, that there is another reality beyond what is palpable through our 5 senses. And this other 5D reality or parallel reality without illusion is real, because we experience it – through and with our physical body – in this 3D world. In other words Twin Flames bit by bit learn to love and live a new way of life without condition, unconditionally.

Love and Light


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