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Twin Flame – The Love Message Does Not Change

Dear Twin Flames,

to be honest I didn’t get any channeled message. But since I got messages (comments) which reflected that sometimes the Twin Flame’s journey is not as easy as we imagine, I have asked a message for guidance from the Kuan Yin Oracle – Alana Fairchild. And the message for the Twin Flames Journey is the same ‘whether you want to give up or you want to keep faith that your Soul (higher Self) never give you up to gain your desire’.


You carry within you precious Immortal Treasures, beloved. They exist beyond life and death, belonging to the celestial, heavenly realms of the Divine presence within you. Kuan Yin now guides you to honour these treasures, the gift of your Soul, which include the ability that you have to transmit healing. Honour yourself as a Healer beloved. Whether formally or informally, your Soul brings a special healing light to humanity. You have divine support in your role as a healer, in whatever way, usual or highly unusual, that is unfolding for you now.

Light and Love


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