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Message From DM to DF : Personal Power

Dear Divine Feminines,

I have asked a message from the Divine Masculine’s Higher Self for the Divine Feminine. And the message is aligned with the message I got from Spirit for quite a while. Here is the message:


Solar Plexus Chakra

You have called upon this card today because it’s time to step fully into your power. We are living a truly exciting time here on earth and we are all encouraged and invited to live more from a place of empowerment. Over time we have learnt to hand over our power to other people and situations, which has created imbalance and inequality. Sometimes we feel like other people know what’s best for us and the situation at hand, and due the lack of self-love and honour we give our power to them. It is now time to connect to your own wisdom, love and personal power.

Love and Light

from the Chakra Reading Cards – Rachelle Charman

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