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Divine Masculine Current Energy – Rebirth

Dear Twin Flames,

the Divine Masculines still in the transformation’s energy. I have been picking up this since a few months now. Like a metamorphosis, the transformation happens in stages. The card confirms the DM’s current Energy (it just jumped out as I was shuffling) :


Earth Star Chakra

“You have pulled this card as a sign that you are currently undergoing a rebirth. It is a powerful awakening and healing process that comes in many different forms and is a big part of your journey. Everythig has a divine timing: nothing lasts forever, things have a beginning and an end, a divine knowing when it’s time to move, create, and time to be still. Something in your life is ending and something very positive is awakening within you. It’s time to let go of anything that is not supporting you or serving you at this point as you open and receive new energies that are being offered.”

So for the Divine Feminines, have compassion and keep your Strength within, Love and Light, during the Divine Masculines going through this REBIRTH.

Love and Light

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