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Twin Flame – Spirit Message with Metaphors

Dear Twin Flames,

This message just came through.
They (Spirit) give me as a methaphor : You are studying medicinal chemistry and want to be a a pharmacist and manage your own pharmacy.

At the 6th semester you have difficulties to pass your organic chemistry exam and you are questioning – almost desperate – whether you can reach your goal to graduate your medicinal chemistry study. You go to a student advisor due to this difficulty, because you want to achieve your career or study goal.

And your counselor/advisor advices you:

Yes, the medicinal chemistry is difficult
Yes, not every student can graduate this study
Yes, maybe you are not “destined” to pass your exam
Yes, the organic chemistry exam is too difficult for you
Yes, the medicinal chemistry is impossible for you
Yes, you are not “destined” to have your own pharmacy

This student says : Excuse me Mr. or Mrs. Advisor, but I came to you to take an advice how to get solution to pass my exam in organic chemistry not to discourage me or even buried my dreams.
I have already passed my exams in the last 5 semesters in pharmacy, analitical chemistry as well as organic chemistry….

Now, you can change the metaphor “studying Medicinal Chemistry with the goal to have your own pharmacy” with Twin Flame Journey and Union.

Light and Love

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