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Spirit Message About Twin Flame Relationship

Dear Twin Flames,

this message actually came through about 3 months ago, before lockdown. I’ve just read it and founded again:-)
So here is the message from Spirit:

“The difficulties to maintain your Twin Flame Relationship is most of the time you still seeking the evidence through your 3D lenses, like the common relationship or 3D relationship normally are.
But Twin Flame Journey is a journey firstly within Yourself, your internal-self, then it manifested in your external world.

The list (or evidences) of Twin Flame Relationship are

Your partner=Divine Counterpart brings your Soul Awakening to who YOU truly are
Your partner=Divine Counterpart turns on your Light Body
Your partner=Divine Counterpart rises your Kundalini
Your partner sends you telepathy messages whenever you need, even before you need it
Your partner triggers your deepest wounds in order you can heal it, because your Divine Counterpart knows your deepest wounds (and/or traumas)
Your partner triggers your (unconscious) egos so that you can see and aware of it, so that you can transmute these egos (false identities of who you truly are, belief systems, all stuff that not serving you any longer)
Your partner’s Higher Self is with you all the time, even if you don’t consciously aware of it
Your partner’s Higher Self is with you, even you are involved in a nasty argument with his/her egos (in 3D Vessel).
Your partner is bonded with you (even without words but) with all energy centers (Chakras) in your body
Your Divine Counterpart is YOU
Your Divine Counterpart reminds you that You are whole within yourself – and this is the most beautiful one, yet the biggest challenge in Twin Flame Journey.”

Love and Light

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