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Twin Flame – You Care More about Others than Yourselves

Dear Twin Flames,

the most common things and topics of Twin Flame are how is DM, how is karmic behaved, how or when or if DM will contact, is DM already awake, how another people do, act or say…

But the most important thing that is You, Yourself, very seldom being discussed. Why? Because since we were still so young and small, since our childhood we always be told to hear, to obey, to act and re-act according others. You have to do this, so you make your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunts, neighbours, teachers, etc happy. If you don’t do or act this things or that things, you are not acceptable, you are not a good girl, not a good boy, you are not good enough.

The result from all of these is, we always put ourselves behind others. We act and react according to other people behavior, expectations and very seldom act from our own point of view. We are like automatically thinking “how or what other people think” when we do this, when we say this, in other words: Other people and external situations have more impact, have more power influence than us = Other people is more important than me. And that is not true. You are the most important person in your life.

Very often we think how others or other people’s situations impacted us instead of thinking how or what can we do so that regardless “others”, we are stable and happy and relax within ourselves, filling our life with other activities – to distract our thoughts from thinking and rethinking and overthinking about DM and the Twin Flame situation – that make us feel content and start seeing ourselves as good enough, as important. And we start taking action to take care more of ourselves, more loving ourselves, practice to feel better and better everyday.

You have to feel self-love first before others (especially your Twin Flame) can love you.

You have to feel that you are important first, before others (especially your Twin Flame) can feel that you’re important.

Love and Light


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