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DF and DM Current Combine Energies

Dear Twin Flames,

The energy in the last days feel heavy. Maybe some of you feel like just want to give up on this journey. It’s okay to feel like that, we all experience ups and downs in our life. The most importance thing is we can find our balance again. As I asked what the current energy between both of the Twins = DF and DM, these 2 cards jumped straight out.

BALANCE (Root Chakra) and


Soul Star Chakra

You have called upon this card today as deep soul healing is at hand. Your soul is the all powerful conscious aspect of your being and is currently undergoing a healing process. This Awakening can sometimes stir things up in your life as creates the change required to expand to a higher state of awareness. You are undergoing a rite of passage, where things that are not working in your life are being reviewed. Know that this chaos is a positive thing. It is what is required at this time. There is a divine order to this chaos and you are being asked to trust, listen and action the loving guidance from your soul.

Love and Light


From Chakra Reading Cards – Rachelle Charman

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