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Twin Flames Combined Energies

Dear Twin Flames

as I asked what the combined energy between the Twins = DF and DM, again 2 cards jumped out straight away.


INSPIRATION (11) – Sacral Chakra

You have called this card into your awareness today because it is time to get inspired, find your passion and share it with the world. Inspiration is constantly flowing through and around you at all times and it is inviting you to align with and connect to its powerful and creative energy. What inspires you and makes your soul shine? It’s time to surround yourself with inspiring people, books, experiences, and anything that infuses you with inspiration.

DIVINE WISDOM (36) – Soul Star Chakra

You have the Divine Wisdom of the universe available to you at all times. As you may know, you are deeply connected to and an expression of the Divine Light of the universe. The Divine Light has within it the powerful knowledge and wisdom of the cosmos. This light is all-knowing, wise and all loving intelligence light. You are reminded at this time that this wisdom is your fingertips, that you are made up of this wisdom and that is runs through your blood. You can access it at will.

Light and love

From Chakra Reading Cards – Rachelle Charman

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