Allgemein channeling Spiritual

Twin Flames Current Energies

Dear Twin Flames,

is it “coincidence” if as I asked what’s the energy for Twin Flames at this time, the same cards popped out together? Of course not! It’s the Synchronicity after synchronicity after synchronicity… along this Twin Flame Journey.

Inner Wisdom (Soul Star Chakra) and Inspiration (Sacral Chakra).

The message I got from these cards: Even though you, as a person, who are embodying physical 3D vessel (Sacral Chakra), you have connection, and always connected to the higher realms – 5D, your Inner Being, your Higher Self (Soul Star Chakra). As you incarnate to this world/3D, as you are awaken to your Twin Flame’s path, you are being asked to re-connect more and more with your Inner Being/Higher Self or your Soul, so that you can anchor and bring more and more unconditional love in the 3D world. Unconditional Love flows within and through you all the time. You just have to know and realize it.

Love and Light


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