Twin Flame – Your Energy Field Is Going Stronger

Dear Twin Flames,

the Twin Flame journey is the journey back into alignment with Source / God / Higher Self. Along this journey we shed layer by layer of the many layers of what not love is. Because the frequency of Source is the frequency of love and that is the core of “who you truly are”. So that everything and anything which not love is (our old programming, our ego identity, our ego) has to be peeled off. If the last months or weeks or days you feel like “death” inside, it was and is the process of purging. This card from Kuan Yin Oracle explains what you have been going through perfectly.


“Your energy field is going stronger, with more spiritual electricity pulsing through your being. Take time to nourish your nervous system as it adjusts and be gentle with yourself as you adjust to increasing levels of your spiritual potency, which gives more impact to your words, actions and thoughts.

Having a big energy field does not necessarily mean that you have a high level of consciousness, but when you do have an exquisite awareness and a beautiful light, it is able to shine more brightly through a larger energy field. Whatever you have within you, a larger field will reveal it with greater gusto!

You have a special light within you and the elegance, beauty and refinement of that light wishes you to express itself more potently in the world of forms so that others may receive healing and refine their light too. You can help teach others about the power of gentleness, that force is not required and that kindness can be the most healing and powerful balm of all.”

From The Kuan Yin Oracle – Alana Fairchild

With love and gratitude


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