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Twin Flames – When Doubt Creeps In

Dear Twin Flames, The Twin Flame’s Journey can be exhausting especially when simultaniously you are dealing with purging old patterns and programs in your life, and the energy being so intense like in the last couple of weeks. Maybe you feel the heavy and intense energies too.To be honest, in […]

Message for Twin Flames – Self Mastery

Dear Twin Flames, here is a message from Spirit: “The whole Twin Flame’s Journey is about Self-Mastery. It’s about mastering the polarities within you, first. If you gain self-mastery within yourself, it is easy to master your connection with your Divine Counterpart in any and every situation.” Pesan dari Spirit: […]

Sometimes On The Twin Flame’s Journey

Dear Twin Flames, Sometimes on the Twin Flame’s Journey there is phase in which we are questioning our Twin Flame’s path = the path of our Soul. Often it happens when something (circumstances, situation) outside of ourselves, has an impact to our Inner- wellbeing. In other words, something from the […]