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Twin Flames Combined Energies

Dear Twin Flames as I asked what the combined energy between the Twins = DF and DM, again 2 cards jumped out straight away. DIVINE WISDOM and INSPIRATION INSPIRATION (11) – Sacral Chakra You have called this card into your awareness today because it is time to get inspired, find […]

Union Happens Within You

Dear Twin Flames, The core understanding of Twin Flame Union is that you don’t need your Divine Counterpart to be with your first then you can be happy,It is not that you hope or wait your Divine Counterpart supports you first, then you feel empowered and find strength within you.It […]

Your Twin Flame

Dear Twin Flame Your Twin Flame or Divine Counterpart is not your Show-Off. It is YOUr Soul showing you the shadows, hurts, traumas you have within you, so that these coming up into your awareness and you can heal, letting go and get a fresh start in your (love) life. […]

Chakra Energy For Divine Masculine

Dear Divine Masculines, it’s no wonder that this particular Chakra energy popping out. You have the capability to communicate easily and honestly. Just remember who you really are and you are loved for who you are. COMMUNICATION (21)Throat Chakra You have called upon this card today to let you know […]

Twin Flame – Give Thanks

Dear Twin Flames, are you grateful today, that you’ve already met and found your Twin Flame? Many are still looking and try to finding their Twin Flames. So, it is a good reason to be grateful today that you’ve found your Divine Counterpart (Twin Flame). Love and Lightkosmosindo

Twin Flame – Your Soul Mission

Channeled by Dyan Kostermans (kosmosindo) Dear Twin Flames, here is a message from Spirit: “Since your Twin Flame (Divine Counterpart) is YOU, your Soul, your Soul path or Soul Mission is first and foremost to align with your Soul. In other words to align with the Source of your Soul. […]